About Rebwar

Since its establishment in 1990, Rebwar Trading Company has been a stalwart presence in the agricultural industry. Specializing in the cultivation and production of a diverse range of agricultural products, including fruits, grains, and vegetables, the company has solidified its position as a key player in the market. With a keen focus on quality and sustainability, Rebwar Trading Company ensures that every step of the production process aligns with the highest standards. This commitment extends to both domestic and international markets through its robust import and export operations. With a wealth of experience and a dedication to excellence, Rebwar Trading Company continues to contribute significantly to the global agricultural landscape.

Rebwar Trading Company

Rebwar Trading Company started its activity in 1990 and even before that, as told by fathers and grandfathers, and has had its pedigree since 1990. Rebwar Trading Company has been and will continue to serve human societies in Iran and West Azerbaijan in various fields of agriculture, including the production of grains, garden fruits, summer plants, and other plants.

In 2008, with the advancement of agricultural science and the need to mechanize the profession of our ancestors, the youngest member of the family and the current CEO of Rebwar Company established Ranginkaman Electric and Electronics Rouzbeh Company. He expanded the company's activities in the field of electrical and mechanical installations by obtaining the necessary permits, and it has served the agricultural community in this field too.

Currently, all the cultivated lands of this company are mechanized, and irrigation under pressure using electric motors and drip and rain irrigation has been implemented in order to produce quality and environmentally friendly products. This company is trying to play its role in preserving the environment by converting the old flooded irrigation methods to new and environmentally friendly methods and saving water consumption.

The Green Approach

Rebwar trading is environmentally friendly.

Since 2008, considering environmental problems such as global warming and water shortages and to prevent water wastage, measures have been taken by the youngest member of the family and the current CEO of the company, who is a graduate of electrical engineering:

Bringing the use of fossil fuels (gasoline, and industrial oils) to near zero in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Replacing the old flood irrigation methods with new pressurized and drip irrigation methods and mechanized irrigation systems to prevent water wastage.

As the leader of agricultural mechanization in the region, Rebwar Trading Company encourages and welcomes other farmers in the region to modern agriculture and is proud to implement hundreds of mechanization plans for agricultural wells in the region.

Producing organic agricultural products, minimizing the use of chemical fertilizers, replacing animal fertilizers, leaf litter, composites, etc., as well as not using excessive agricultural pesticides.


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Chief Executive Officer

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Vice Chairman of the Board

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Iraq Office Manager

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